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Diagnosed at a Young Age

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Members of our Community who have been diagnosed at a younger-than-average age represent a unique subset of our Discussion Boards. Some of these members have kindly offered to share their special perspective on managing breast cancer under the age of 40.


"Keeping busy with things other than treatment helped me feel optimistic and 'normal'. I am determined more than ever to keep moving on with my life and not to let breast cancer slow me down. I still have a very long and happy future to look forward to and I know that if I can make it through this obstacle then I can make it through anything." Read andreamia's story...


"A month went by and the knot became larger and harder, and I awoke one morning and blood was in my bra. I knew then that it was time to go get this thing checked out. I made an appointment with my family doctor and upon examination he sent me over to a breast surgeon the same day." Read Felicia's story...


"On October 1st, I got the phone call that changed my life forever, informing me that I had breast cancer and the lymph node showed cancer cells as well. Within a few days we also knew that the cancer was triple-negative and very aggressive at the highest grade of 3."Read Freedomchild82's story...


"My name is Dianne and I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 37 years old after giving birth to my second daughter. I thought I had a clogged milk duct..." Read in_cognito's story...


"There is all this time between appointments, time that you spend trying to be normal, time you spend literally walking around in a daze. I remember going to get groceries and running errands and all the time you are looking around, and the world is moving on and all you can think is 'my world is falling apart.'" Read kimie06's story...


"I went on with my life thinking I was home free. No one gave me any ideas that this would reoccur. I was the lucky one, we caught it. I didn't even do radiation..." Read Kite's story...


"When I started losing my hair I just decided to shave my head and I actually learned that I have a cute shaped head! There were definitely a lot of low moments, but focusing on the positives is what gets you through the days, weeks and months." Read lillaura22's story...


"Breast cancer? What is that? I used to think 'Oh that’s for the 'older ladies'' and I would never think about it, even though it was everywhere, media, people around me, but I wasn’t scared of it, as it didn’t apply to me, I was too young as far as I was concerned." Read Redninrah's story...


"Since diagnosis I have good days and bad, pretty nervous but I am fighting with everything I have. My dark days are the uncertainty that comes with this diagnosis." Read StaceyLeeH's story...


"As a textbook patient, I was not surprised at all when diagnosed with breast cancer at 37, as a long-term side effect of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. However, the metastatic bonus wasn't expected." Read stagefree's story...

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