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Kite's Story

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"My journey began in October of 2011. I found a small lump on the surface of my left breast right where my underwire from my bra lay. I got it checked out immediately and by Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with stage 1 grade 3 IDC, ER-, PR-, HER2+. I had a double mastectomy in December and chemo started January of 2012. I was on Taxotere, Carboplatin, and Herceptin. It wasn't awful but I did have some challenges along the way. I did 6 rounds and then a year of Herceptin. I went on with my life thinking I was home free. No one gave me any ideas that this would reoccur. I was the lucky one, we caught it. I didn't even do radiation because my tumors where not more than 2mm deep!

"In November of 2013 (2 yrs post diagnosis), I had some back pain that didn't feel right. I put if off until I finally decided not to be stupid and get it checked out. In February of 2014, I went in for a CT and bone scan. It came back showing bone mets to my spine (all over it), pelvis and shoulder blade. After a PET scan they found the small lesion in my liver. Before I knew it I was doing radiation for the spine and pelvis. Then cutting the liver spot out and now chemo. It's May now and I've done 2 rounds of Herceptin, Perjeta, and Taxotere. I did have another PET scan and it shows my tumors to be shrinking and some are gone! I think there is something to this Perjeta!

"I was horribly scared I wasn't going to get to see my 8-, 6-, and 4-year-old grow up. (I still am a little.) Being a recipient of this new drug is going to give me a fighting chance. I have some must-dos on my list but other than that I am going to love my life and enjoy my family/friends."

-- Kite, diagnosed at age 31

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