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Print and share these PDFs with your event attendees to explain’s mission and the critical importance of the cause: Fact Sheet: Explains’s mission and impact

Breast Cancer Fact Sheet: American Cancer Society’s 2020 U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics

Corporate/Cause Marketing 1-Sheeter: Benefits and examples of corporate and cause marketing partnerships

Make Your Own Green Smoothie 1-Sheeter: Engaging, nutritional formula guide to make a custom green smoothie

Retail Businesses

If your company is interested in co-promoting a product in order to donate a percentage of sales to, please email

Independent retail stores can host fundraisers by having in-store sales on specific dates or during a special time of year, like October/Breast Cancer Awareness Month or around Mother's Day. Merchandise could be on sale for special prices, and a percentage of all sales could go to To make the event even more fun, advertise your event by sending out community invitations and having light food at the event for all to enjoy.

Office Environments

  • Fairs: Companies can host events such as a health fair or book fair. The office staff can donate money in return for participation and enjoy food and entertainment while doing so!
  • Dress Down Day, Jeans Day, or Wear Pink Day: This type of easy fundraiser is always a hit in the workplace. It is a day to dress down and take a break from the dress code of your working environment. Company employees can "pay" an appointed staff member for this privilege, and the money raised will be donated to benefit Whether your office staff decides to dress down or wear a specific type of clothing, it is a day to be comfortable and relaxed, and of course, to raise money for breast cancer education.
  • Birthday/Holiday Fundraiser: Office staff can collect money during an office party. This can be done by passing around a donation box or by collecting money at the door.
  • Fight Like a Girl Cardio Kickboxing Session or Shake Your Girls Zumbathon: Have your office sponsor you or the facility to host the a fitness event. Don’t be afraid to throw those punches in pink gear!
  • Office Golf/Tennis/Softball Event: Why not take a day off to celebrate the company's success? Your company can organize a tournament or day of softball for a fun and athletic fundraiser. Each player or team could pay a participation fee, which would be donated to Enjoy a picnic outside for a day of teambuilding, fun, and charity!
  • Links for Pink: Decorate the office by using paper links (various shades of pink). For every dollar donated, a link will be made. Goal is to get the link to cover the perimeter of the office or department.

Hospitality Companies (Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Bars, Clubs, etc.)

Community-friendly companies are tailor-made to host fundraising events! Donate a portion of the night's proceeds or have customers pay a door fee in exchange for an afternoon or evening out in a special setting. Restaurants, clubs, bars, or coffee shops can provide food, drinks, and entertainment for a fun community outing.

If you have any questions, ideas, or comments, please email Please also email if you or your company has items you wish to donate to a live or silent auction.

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