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Estaine product

ÉSTAINE Sunburst Scarf

ÉSTAINE designs luxury accessories inspired by the hauntingly beautiful shapes, colors, and patterns of the dyes used in diagnosis. Through the sale of exquisite fashion, ÉSTAINE fights the war on cancer through revenue sharing and sparking conversations around early cancer detection.

The Sunburst Scarf is a 100% silk twill scarf made in Italy and is 90x90 cm with hand rolled hems. The design is an artful depiction of the battle with breast cancer, its diagnosis and the path towards a cure. The naturally occurring patterns of the H&E dyes, as seen under a microscope, tell the story of life and strength.  

 Price: $400 (or starting at $133.33 through ÉSTAINE's buy-together program)

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SleekSleeves Arm Band

SleekSleeves Arm Band for PICC Line Bandage Cover. Cover your PICC line dressing in unique, fun fabrics that help you look good and feel better. Soft and smooth, our fabrics slide on to give you a hug of light compression and a sleek appearance. Washable and durable, SleekSleeves come in many prints and solids to complement your style and keep you looking fresh and fashionable.

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