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Welcome to Our Community Newsletter!

We plan on providing this on a regular basis and ask for your input about what you find to be most important and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read; we hope you find it useful, and we look forward to your suggestions!

With sincerest appreciation,
The Discussion Board Community Moderators (the BCO Mods)

Bi-Weekly Community Email Archive:

Monthly Community Newsletter Archive:

  • February 2016 Community Newsletter
    • What Is Love to You?
    • Featured Forums: Sex & Relationship Matters and Single With Breast Cancer
    • Members Share Tips to Get Your Mojo Back
    • Community Members’ Art Gallery
    • Inspirational Photos From Our Community
  • December 2015 Community Newsletter
    • My Profile: What Are the Benefits?
    • Member Stories: Members Share Their Genetic Testing Stories
    • Spanish Community Celebrates 1,000 Members
    • Meet Wendy, Spanish Community Member
    • Inspirational Photos From the Community
    • Results of the Hormonal Therapy Survey
    • A Note From Hope Wohl, CEO
  • October 2015 Community Newsletter
    • Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month
      and Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
    • Expanded Metastatic and Recurrent Breast Cancer Content
    • Metastatic Community Members Share Their Stories
    • Metastatic Trial Search: A New Tool to Help Locate Clinical Trials
    • My Profile: What Are the Benefits?
    • Advocate Opportunity: Genius 3D Mammography
    • Comfort Pets: Members Share Their Fur-Babies
  • August 2015 Community Newsletter
    • Members Share Their Clinical Trial Experience
    • Forum Spotlight: Biographies and Inspiring Stories
    • Featured Photography: Inspiration From bandwoman1234
  • April 2015 Community Newsletter
    • Members Who Share a Cancer Diagnosis With a Family Member
    • Forum Spotlight: Treatment Tips
    • Featured Photography: Inspiration From nowheregirl
  • February 2015 Community Newsletter
    • Members Share Stories From the Heart
    • Visit Our NEW Forum: Member Matchup
    • Survey: Sense of Community
    • Featured Photo: Inspiration From SoCalLisa
    • Celebrate Conversation This Valentine’s Day!
  • December 2014 Community Newsletter
    • Caregivers Share Their Stories for National Caregiver Awareness Month
    • Members Share Their Reconstruction Decisions
    • Stop Smoking Support Thread Celebrates Great American Smokeout
    • Visit our NEW Forums: Sex Matters & Finding a New Normal
    • Handling the Holidays
    • Member Matchup: Breast Cancer Diagnosis with HPV-Related Cancer Diagnosis
  • September 2014 Community Newsletter
    • Acknowledging Our Community Members: Members From Around the World
    • Community Statistics
    • NEW Get-Together Slideshow Photo Section
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month Survey: We Want to Hear From YOU!
    • Visit Our Treatment Threads
    • NEW Forum: BCO Free-Cycle
    • Members Shout-Out Request: Top 5 Tips to Get Through Chemo
  • June 2014 Community Newsletter
    • Acknowledging Our Community Members: Members Diagnosed at a Young Age
    • Radiation Treatment for DCIS and Stage I: We Want to Hear From You!
    • Join Our Spanish Discussion Boards!
    • Research News Articles for YOU
    • Discussion Board Community T-Shirt Design Contest
  • March 2014 Community Newsletter
    • Community Survey Results
    • 10+ Year Member Spotlight
    • Things to Come in 2014
    • Support Our Spanish-Speaking Community!
    • T-Shirt Design Contest

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