August 2015 Community Newsletter

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Welcome to the August 2015
Community Newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Members Share Their Clinical Trial Experience
  • Forum Spotlight: Biographies and Inspiring Stories
  • Featured Photography: Inspiration From bandwoman1234

Members Share Their Clinical Trial Experience

A clinical trial is a research project that looks at how well a new treatment or medical procedure works in people. Other studies that are done on just cells in petri dishes or on animals are called preclinical trials. Clinical trials are started only after preclinical trials suggest that the new treatment or procedure will help people and also will be safe for people. Deciding to become part of a clinical trial is a very personal decision, one that can be tough and involve a lot of contemplation. Some members from our Discussion Boards have graciously offered to share their experiences with clinical trial treatments.


"I was told by my oncologist that a pathologic complete response carried the best prognosis but that I wasn't likely to have one because I was highly hormone positive and started out with a large tumor burden. When I pushed him about doing more chemo after surgery if I had residual cancer, he told me that extra chemo was not standard for hormone positive, but I was welcome to join a clinical trial." Read Bad_At_Usernames's story...


"[My] trial was a topic of discussion on the Triple Positive thread. I looked into the trial itself, and went through the enrollment screening and was accepted. There was another member on the thread and she enrolled at another location and was 6 weeks ahead of me - we compared notes a number of times and kept our thread-mates up to date on our progress and experience." Read SpecialK's story...

Read these stories and more from others >>

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For more information from other members on clinical trials, research, and study results, visit the Discussion Board Clinical Trials, Research Studies, News, and Study Results forum >>

Forum Spotlight: Biographies and Inspiring Stories

Looking for some uplifting stories? Get inspired by reading encouraging experiences shared by our Community Members.

Lynzee3237 says: “I'm now 10 years out from diagnosis of Stage IIIA BC. ER/PR/Her2+. I was diagnosed at 25 and at age 30 I decided to go to medical school. I graduated this weekend and am off to pursue a 3 year residency in pediatric medicine.”

LisaH says: “This year marks my 12th year. I don't come around here often because we are too busy living life. When I was diagnosed at the age of 33, my children were 8 and 5. Now they are 19 and 16. My son is a sophomore in college and my daughter is a junior in HS. We are out here!”

Suladog says: “I was diagnosed […] with what I found out later was TN bc. I was node negative but because even though the cancer was very small it was also very aggressive and high grade, I was give[n] a poor prognosis. I was treated with 8 rounds of CMF, and here I am 25 yrs later. I was very scared when it first happened and figured I was cooked but time passed and evidently I'm not done yet!”

To read more inspiring stories or share your own, visit the Biographies and Inspiring Stories forum >>

Featured Photography: Inspiration From bandwoman1234

The Picture This! thread has been going strong for almost a year, and what an inspiration it is! Many of our members are very talented photographers. This month, we’d like to feature some of bandwoman1234’s gorgeous photographs:




For more beautiful inspiration, visit the Picture This! thread.

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