December 2014 Community Newsletter

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Welcome to the December 2014 Community Newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Caregivers Share Their Stories for National Caregiver Awareness Month
  • Members Share Their Reconstruction Decisions
  • Stop Smoking Support Thread Celebrates Great American Smokeout
  • Visit our NEW Forums: Sex Matters & Finding a New Normal
  • Handling the Holidays
  • Member Matchup: Breast Cancer Diagnosis with HPV-Related Cancer Diagnosis

Caregivers Share Their Stories for National Caregiver Awareness Month

November begins a season of giving thanks and, in particular, it is a time to offer appreciation and to honor those who provide care to others. We widely recognize November as National Caregiver Awareness Month. In the spirit of this grateful season, we have asked our members to talk about their own experiences of caregiving as we strive to honor and better understand the needs, successes, and challenges inherent in the vital role of caring for others with breast cancer. Read their stories>>

Share your story by emailing us at

For more, visit the blog post “What Does It Mean to Be a Caregiver?”

Members Share Their Reconstruction Decisions

Deciding whether or not to have a breast reconstructed is a very personal choice. It’s important to take time to learn about how reconstruction might affect you both emotionally and physically before you decide to have any surgery. Many women also decide to not have reconstruction, choosing to go breast-free, use a breast form, or get breast reconstruction in the future. With the recent revamp of’s Breast Reconstruction section, we’ve asked some of our members to share how they made their reconstruction decisions. Read their stories>>

Want to share your story? Email us at

Stop Smoking Support Thread Celebrates Great American Smokeout

November 20 was the Great American Smokeout! Many of our members struggle with this unhealthy addiction; you’re not alone! Knowing about all of the health issues associated with smoking isn't always enough to make you quit. Smoking is a habit that's very hard to break. If you smoke, use every resource you can find to help you quit. There is a lot of help available, including our very own Stop Smoking Support Thread. Join the discussion now, and quit today>>

Did you quit smoking? Tell us how by emailing us at, or share on the Discussion Boards!

Visit Our NEW Forums:

Sex Matters
Low mojo got you down? Visit our NEW Sex Matters forum, a safe place to talk candidly about how your sex life has changed following your diagnosis and treatment. Join the discussion now>>

Finding a New Normal
A breast cancer diagnosis can change a lot in your life. Share your experiences of your 'new normal' and offer advice on how you manage life's daily challenges, including how you develop a new daily/weekly routine while you juggle appointments and side effects. Join the discussion now>>

Handling the Holidays

While this time of year is generally a busy one for everyone, if you’re undergoing treatment or trying to reduce your risk of breast cancer or a recurrence, you might feel like you’re juggling more than those around you — including what you should or shouldn’t eat, how to schedule treatment around travel plans, tips for managing side effects such as nausea and fatigue, and how to relieve stress and sneak in some “me time.” Share how you’re managing with the holidays on our Coping With the Holidays forum>>

For more information, see the blog posts “Tips for Getting Through the Holidays” and “Holiday Stress + Breast Cancer = A Challenge”.

Member Matchup: Breast Cancer Diagnosis with HPV-Related Cancer Diagnosis

We have a member looking for support from another member who has been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as an HPV-Related cancer diagnosis. Can you help? Email to support this member!

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