March 2014 Community Newsletter

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Welcome to the March 2014 Community Newsletter!

In This Issue:

  • Community Survey Results
  • 10+ Year Member Spotlight
  • Things to Come in 2014
  • Support Our Spanish-Speaking Community!
  • T-Shirt Design Contest

Learning From the Community to Improve the Community:
Discussion Board Community Survey Results

We were pleased that 584 of you provided feedback to the survey we ran in November 2013. Thank you!

View the complete results here >>>

Of those who responded, 86% were registered members and 14% were not yet part of our community — but we hope they join! We were happy to find out that the BCO discussion boards are considered important to 89% of those who replied, and most (86%) were satisfied with the support they receive on the boards.

The most popular reasons for using or reading the discussion boards were to:

  • be part of a community of people who share my problems
  • see how other patients with a similar diagnosis are doing
  • find information on coping with my condition
  • get information about treatment options

What We Learned...

Our community is not only robust, it is also very active with 78% of you on the discussion boards at least weekly and 30% on the boards multiple times a day.

Our online virtual community fosters close relationships: 39% of you said you have formed at least 1 close relationship with a member of the boards, and of these, 11% of you have formed more than 5 close relationships. This is AWESOME!

Visitors to the boards span all stages of breast cancer. Of those who responded, 10% are stage 0, 19% are stage I, 15% are stage II, 12% are stage III, 24% are stage IV, and 21% either did not know yet or the question did not apply to them. About 53% who were surveyed are in treatment and 42% have completed treatment. This is why our site focuses on ALL stages of breast cancer and those both in and out of treatment.

As we know, breast cancer affects a range of ages. Of those who replied, we learned that 4% of our respondents are in their 30s, 28% in their 40s, 42% in their 50s, 23% in their 60s, and 4% in their 70s. About 31% of those who replied have postgraduate degrees.

You told us that nutrition, anti-anxiety medications, and exercise are important complements to your medical treatment. We have various threads on these important topics, but we are looking to expand on these aspects by providing a community recipe box, continuing to write sections and blogs on ways to cope with and relieve stress, and sharing our favorite exercises.

More and more of the visitors to the boards are gaining access through mobile devices (56%), which is why we consistently develop and improve mobile device access to the boards.

We will be running another survey in a few months. Please keep your eye out for it so you can help to continue to improve the community.

Honoring Our Members

We want to acknowledge and honor you — our dedicated, hard-fighting members. Our community started in June 2001, and some members have continuously contributed to our community for 10 or more years.

We’ve identified a number of amazing women who’ve been long-standing members of this community. Take a moment to read the stories of some of these inspirational women: Geralyn, Sachi, tdbear, Carmelle, Erica, AnneW, RCL, NancyH, Cherrie.

Read their stories here >>>

Exciting Changes for 2014!

  • New features to help you further tailor your experience to your unique diagnosis and situation, including the requested updates and changes on the My Profile page.
  • A special area for organizing get-togethers, complete with printable templates you can use to make your event festive (e.g. banners, name tags). We’re also brainstorming an event calendar where you can enter your get-togethers for all to see!
  • The chat rooms are being revamped. We’ll keep you updated on timing and features of the relaunch.
  • We will continue to work through and add to our ongoing tech upgrade list. Look for updates, soon!

Spanish Discussion Boards

You may not have realized, but we have discussion boards for our Spanish-speaking visitors!

Visit the Spanish Discussion Boards >>>

We’d appreciate any assistance in helping to get the word out to healthcare providers! Talk to your doctors, nurses, friends, and family, and let them know there’s support available for Spanish speakers.

Discussion Board Community T-Shirt Design Contest

Attention artists, designers, or anyone with an idea for a BCO Community t-shirt design! We are looking for creative, inspiring, one-of-a-kind designs submitted by YOU and voted on by the community to produce and sell!

Tips for submitting a design:

  • For best results, submit high resolution/vector art.
  • Max size: 5MB
  • File types: .jpg, .png, .eps
  • Max dimensions: 3000px for .jpg and .png

Please email your suggestions and designs to

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