October 2015 Community Newsletter

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Welcome to the October 2015
Community Newsletter!

In this issue:

  • Breastcancer.org Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    and Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
  • Expanded Metastatic and Recurrent Breast Cancer Content
  • Metastatic Community Members Share Their Stories
  • Metastatic Trial Search: A New Tool to Help Locate Clinical Trials
  • My Profile: What Are the Benefits?
  • Advocate Opportunity: Genius 3D Mammography
  • Comfort Pets: Members Share Their Fur-Babies

Breastcancer.org Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month
and Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and October 13 is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Breastcancer.org understands that all the activity and constant reminders this month can make some weary. Last October we asked you how you felt about Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a survey. The vast majority of members who responded said that the month of October needs more focus on women and men living with breast cancer, specifically those with metastatic breast cancer. Members expressed the wish to have less pink product sales and a need to know what the donated dollars are going toward. Many said that Breast Cancer Awareness Month can make them feel anxious, excluded, and overwhelmed, while others felt good there was attention being given to the cause.

So, how do YOU feel about Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Share with us on the Feelings About Breast Cancer Awareness Month thread >>

Breastcancer.org strives to be the safe place where people affected by breast cancer go for relevant, timely, and understandable medical information as well as peer support so they can prepare themselves for conversations with their doctors and make the best decisions for their lives.

We hope that you consider Breastcancer.org if you are donating to a breast cancer organization this month, or hosting or participating in a breast cancer fundraiser.

We thank everyone who has contributed or plans to contribute to our mission and programs and who continue to support our growth and development.

Expanded Metastatic and Recurrent Breast Cancer Content

Recently, the main Breastcancer.org site overhauled the Recurrent and Metastatic Breast Cancer section to include more detailed information on treatment, living with recurrent or metastatic disease, and practical tips about planning ahead. Read the updated Recurrent and Metastatic Breast Cancer section >>

Metastatic Community Members Share Their Stories

To coincide with the launch of the revamped Metastatic and Recurrent Breast Cancer section, we've asked some of our members to share their stories of living with metastatic disease to offer support and encouragement to others facing this diagnosis. While October 13 is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we want to make sure to recognize, acknowledge, and honor these very special members of our Breastcancer.org Community each and every day of the year.


"What helps me through it is my family and friends. I am so thankful for my doctors who have never for one second blown me off due to my age. I think because I've been so open about what's going on, people want to help." Read Coopdizzle's story...


"I went for my five year check up and my tumor markers were slightly elevated, so the oncologist did a chest x-ray and brain scan. The brain scan came back clear, but the chest x-ray showed pneumonia." Read hopeful34's story...


"Due to having stage IV, I know my medical team will watch me closely. I have PET scans every 3 months if anything shows up on them and every 6 months if they are clean. I know my doctors can address issues early when they arise, which has kept me alive and well for 6 years now.." Read ibcmets's story...


"What helps me most is knowing I have an amazing oncologist. She is very dedicated to her patients and I know she will keep fighting for me and taking great care of me. I also have an amazing family and group of friends." Read jkelsey4's story...

Read many more inspirational stories from our other metastatic members >>

Want to share your story? Email us at community@breastcancer.org.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Search

A number of breast cancer organizations have joined together to develop Metastatic Trial Search, the first-ever clinical trial search engine designed specifically for people with metastatic breast cancer. Check it out >> and provide your feedback in the forums >>

My Profile: What Are the Benefits?

You may have seen some changes recently to the My Profile area, including a lot more diagnostic and treatment options for you to choose from. Based on the information you've provided in your My Diagnoses, My Treatments, and Personal Info areas, we're sending you content (e.g. site articles and podcasts) and Research News articles that are based on your unique situation. Also, if you choose to make your information public, your signature line will automatically appear after your posts, sharing your diagnoses and treatments with the other members, so you can quickly make a match.

Don’t forget: When you learn anything new about your diagnosis or anything changes (you complete a treatment, for example), be sure to update your profile so we can continue to provide you with the information that's right for you.

Fill out your profile now >>

Advocate Opportunity: Genius 3D Mammography

3D Mammography exams are proven to be more effective compared to traditional 2D mammography exams at detecting invasive breast cancers, as well as reducing callbacks. This means an earlier diagnosis for some women, while reducing the stress and anxiety for others.

While the FDA approved Hologic’s 3D Mammography in 2011, many women still don't know about these more accurate mammograms, and even more won't have access to them until breast screening centers offer them.

Let your breast screening centers know that you want this technology accessible to you and the other women in your lives. Get involved now >>

Comfort Pets: Members Share Their Fur-Babies

Nothing quite says unconditional love better than a 4-legged fur face. Studies have suggested that having a pet can help increase your physiological and psychological health. Some of our members have gathered photos of their beloved beasts and shared them with the community:


terrij152’s “Kiwi”


Spookiesmom’s “Spookie”


Donna-Dew’s “Sweetpea”

For more information on pet therapy, listen to our March 2014 Podcast, How Pets Help Us Heal >>

To share pictures of your little loved ones, join in the discussion on the Comfort Dogs thread >> and the Cats, Cats, Cats thread >>

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