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Editorial Policy

We, at Breastcancer.org, make every effort to provide you with balanced, responsible, encouraging, and thorough information. All content has been reviewed by members of our Professional Advisory Board. These individuals are practicing health care professionals who, along with being experts in their fields, make a daily commitment to provide the best care possible, whenever its needed.

Breastcancer.org creates most of our own editorial content, using a team of experienced writers, editors, designers, and web producers. When we do include material from other sources, such as the National Cancer Institute, we clearly identify those original sources of the material used.

We maintain complete editorial independence and separation from advertisers and sponsors at the site. None of the content is screened, altered, or edited by sponsors at any time.

Breastcancer.org stands behind the information that we and our Advisory Boards have meticulously researched, thought about, and prepared for you.

Advertising policy

In order to be able to provide you with continually updated, high-quality information in a lively and effective manner at no cost to you, we have to seek funding through various sources. This includes advertisements and corporate sponsorships. Like other Internet health sites (and like nearly every nonprofit organization dedicated to women with breast cancer), we also depend on unrestricted educational grants from manufacturers of medications and other healthcare products and services.

The cure for breast cancer and the key to breast cancer prevention will most likely come from the pharmaceutical and genetic engineering industries and from the university laboratories, which also accept funding from the corporate sector. People affected by breast cancer look to the these companies with both hope and frustration, they are depending on these companies to identify more effective and less toxic treatments that can save their lives. In addition, each of the pharmaceutical companies we have accepted as an educational sponsor have a long history of patient and healthcare education. While we maintain an unbreachable wall between our content and our sponsors, we see sponsors and advertisers as valuable contributors in our mission to help women.

The following rules guide our advertising policy:

  • Breastcancer.org has the sole discretion for determining the types of advertising that will be accepted and displayed on our site. We retain the right to reject advertising that is contrary to our mission and will not accept advertising in any form for any products or services known to be harmful to health (such as tobacco products).
  • All advertising on the site is will be clearly identified as advertising and is kept separate from editorial content.
  • The appearance of any advertising at Breastcancer.org is neither an endorsement of nor a guarantee for the product, service, or company (or the claims made in such advertising) by Breastcancer.org.

We welcome your thoughts about our policies.

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