comscoreJazzygirl's Story: How My Colleague Became One of My Angels During Treatment

Jazzygirl's Story: How My Colleague Became One of My Angels During Treatment

Jazzygirl talks about finding a new normal after breast cancer thanks to an unexpected friend.

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During my treatment, 2 years ago, I had a professional colleague and friend, whom we will call Kay, who really helped me during everything I went through. Although we were not super close friends at the time I got diagnosed, she readily stepped up to visit me in the hospital, took me to the doctor when I needed the ride, checked in on my home when I had to go out of state for treatment, called periodically to ask how I was doing, and so much more. She was one of those people who showed up and just said, "What do you need, how can I help?"

During that time, and then the months after, as I tried to get back more into my life, Kay was also really wonderful about inviting me out for things I might enjoy, to help me take my mind off of all I was going through or coming through. To go to a concert, a movie, a play, etc. Many women here know that finding your new normal after breast cancer treatment is no easy job, yet having someone to help me with some simple outings really made it so much easier to ease back into life.

Somehow, we always seem to think the ones we are closest to will be our best support during the difficult times, yet, there are people who will show up in ways you never expect during cancer treatment. What I never knew about Kay was that she had supported many a person going through cancer treatment in her church and other communities. She knew how to just be present with what was happening, was never afraid to be around me or try to tell me what I needed to be doing along the way. I will say I was surprised, pleased, and will be forever grateful to her. She was one of my angels during my greatest time of need.

We have continued to be friends, and are even better ones as time has gone on.