comscoreReminder System May Boost Mammogram Numbers

Reminder System May Boost Mammogram Numbers

A Web-based reminder system helps more women get regular mammograms.
Mar 27, 2007.This article is archived
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Small things can make a big difference. A simple Web-based reminder system helped doctors' office staff members arrange timely screening mammograms for patients. The Web system resulted in 10% more women getting mammograms at the right time, compared to women who were not in a regular reminder system. This is a great example of how technology can improve healthcare and save lives.
If you're over 40, routine screening mammograms are a vital part of your healthcare. Ask your doctor’s office or mammography center how the staff members can help you remember to schedule and get your mammograms when they need to be done. Don’t ignore reminders you receive by telephone, conventional mail, or e-mail. Mark a calendar to remind you to schedule and get your mammogram.
Screening mammograms save lives by finding breast cancer as early as possible, but only when they're done as recommended.

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