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Aerobic Exercise Boosts Quality of Life After Treatment

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A study showed that regular aerobic exercise can enhance quality of life for women treated for early breast cancer. Other research has shown similar benefits from regular exercise, both during and after breast cancer treatment.

In some earlier studies, researchers wondered whether the attention and counseling the women got as part of the structured exercise program was the reason for the better quality of life—not the exercise itself. By including women that exercised on their own with no counseling and women who got counseling without an exercise program, this study was able to show that the quality of life benefits truly came from the exercise, not the attention and counseling. Still, attention and counseling likely offer benefits, too.

If you're being treated or have been treated for breast cancer, try to make exercise (and a healthy diet) part of your daily routine. Think of exercise and a healthy diet as another important part of your treatment plan that helps you recover and stay healthy. Talk to your doctor about how much and how often you should exercise. Find the right exercise routine for YOU and then do your best to stick with it! It can make a difference both physically and mentally, today and tomorrow.

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