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October 2010 Research News

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Fertility Counseling Before Cancer Treatment Boosts Quality of Life
October 29, 2010
Research suggests that young women who get fertility counseling before cancer treatment have fewer regrets and better overall quality of life after treatment compared to women who don't get fertility counseling. Read more...

Children Can Inherit Abnormal Breast Cancer Genes from Father
October 24, 2010
Research suggests that women are much more likely to be referred for genetic counseling if the family history of breast or ovarian cancer is on their mother's side rather than their father's. Read more...

Study Reinforces Link Between Breast Cancer Risk and Hormone Replacement Therapy
October 19, 2010
A new analysis of Women's Health Initiative data shows that women who use combination HRT are nearly twice as likely to die from breast cancer compared to women who don't use HRT. Read more...

Centers for Disease Control Creates New Committee to Help Young Women Learn More About Breast Health
October 16, 2010
The CDC has created a new committee to help younger women, especially women younger than 40 and women at high risk of breast cancer, learn more about breast health and breast cancer. Read more...

Experimental Eribulin May Help Treat Various Types of Metastatic Breast Cancer
October 11, 2010
Research suggests that the experimental medicine eribulin may be a good treatment for various types of metastatic breast cancer that have stopped responding or failed to respond to other treatments. Read more...

Herceptin Works Well in Older Women Diagnosed with HER2-Positive, Metastatic Disease
October 10, 2010
A small study suggests that older women diagnosed with HER2-positive, metastatic breast cancer can benefit from Herceptin treatment. Read more...

Herceptin Effectiveness Not Affected by Obesity
October 10, 2010
A small study found that Herceptin worked equally well in obese and non-obese women diagnosed with HER2-positive, metastatic breast cancer. Read more...

Experimental Iniparib Plus Chemo Can Help Treat Metastatic, Triple-Negative Disease
October 10, 2010
A small study found that iniparib -- one of several new, experimental medicines called PARP inhibitors -- improved survival when combined with chemotherapy to treat metastatic, triple-negative breast cancer. Read more...

Experimental T-DM1 May Help Treat Metastatic, HER2-Positive Disease
October 8, 2010
A small, early study suggests that T-DM1, an experimental medicine, may be a better first treatment for women diagnosed with metastatic, HER2-positive breast cancer than a combination of Herceptin and Taxotere. Read more...

Research Says Lymphedema Risk Is Ongoing
October 5, 2010

New research suggests that lymphedema may be more common and last longer than generally thought. Read more...

Chemotherapy Before Surgery Can Benefit Advanced-Stage, Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
October 5, 2010
A small, early study found that 66% of locally-advanced, triple-negative breast cancers treated before surgery with a combination of carboplatin and Taxotere had no living cancer cells in the tumor when it was removed. Read more...

Use of Computer-Aided Detection to Read Mammograms Up
October 5, 2010
Research shows that computer-aided detection (CAD) is used in most mammograms paid for by Medicare. Read more...

Research Suggests Link Between Low Vitamin D Levels and Breast Cancer Spread
October 4, 2010
A small study suggests a link between low vitamin D levels and more aggressive or advanced-stage breast cancer at diagnosis. Read more...

Melatonin Cream May Reduce Risk of Radiation Therapy Skin Side Effects
October 4, 2010
A small, early study found that a topical melatonin cream applied to the skin before radiation therapy reduced the risk of skin side effects. Read more...

Arimidex-Testosterone Combo May Ease Menopausal Symptoms
October 4, 2010
An experimental testosterone/Arimidex pellet implanted under the skin every 90 days may help ease menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors. Read more...

Experimental Gamma Imaging Better Than Ultrasound for Suspicious Areas
October 3, 2010
Breast-specific gamma imaging seems to be better than ultrasound at finding breast cancer when a screening mammogram shows a suspicious area. Read more...

Arimidex Still Better Than Tamoxifen After Surgery to Reduce Recurrence Risk
October 3, 2010
After 10 years of follow-up, research shows that 5 years of Arimidex is better at reducing the risk of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer recurrence than 5 years of tamoxifen. Read more...

Menopausal Symptoms, Chemo Side Effects Linked to Lower Quality of Life
October 2, 2010
Lower quality of life during and after breast cancer treatment seems to be closely linked to two factors: menopausal symptoms and chemotherapy side effects. Read more...

“Chemobrain” Isn’t Limited to Women Who Get Chemo for Breast Cancer
October 2, 2010

Thinking problems affect people diagnosed with a variety of cancers, no matter what type of treatment they get; in other words, chemobrain isn't limited to only women who get chemotherapy for breast cancer. Read more...

Herceptin-Avastin-Taxotere Combo Can Help Treat Metastatic HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
October 2, 2010

A small, very early study found that about 78% of women diagnosed with metastatic, HER2-positive breast cancer got some benefit from a combination of Herceptin, Avastin, and Taxotere as a first treatment. Read more...

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