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April 2012 Research News

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More Exercise and Stress Management Improves Quality of Life During and After Treatment
April 25, 2012
A study has found that doing more exercise and being in a stress management program after breast cancer surgery improved women’s mood, quality of life, and resistance to fatigue. Read more...

Researchers Identify 10 Genetic Error Patterns in Breast Cancer
April 23, 2012
Researchers have found 10 patterns of genetic errors linked to breast cancer’s prognosis and how it responds to treatment. Read more...

Large Review Study Confirms Herceptin’s Benefits
April 20, 2012
A large review study has found that women diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer and treated with Herceptin were less likely to have the cancer come back and more likely to survive compared to women who didn't get Herceptin. Read more...

Adolescent Drinking Boosts Benign Breast Disease Risk
April 18, 2012
New results from the Nurses’ Health Study II show a strong link between drinking alcohol during adolescence and the risk of being diagnosed with benign breast disease. Read more...

Automated Ultrasound for Women with Dense Breasts Approved by FDA Panel
April 13, 2012
An FDA expert panel has recommended that an automated ultrasound device be approved for breast cancer screening in women with dense breasts. Read more...

Most Women Need More Tests After Lumpectomy for DCIS
April 6, 2012
Most women who have lumpectomy to remove DCIS need more procedures -- diagnostic mammograms and/or biopsies -- on the same breast in the 10 years after lumpectomy. Read more...

False Positive Mammogram Results Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Risk
April 5, 2012
A large study found that women who had a false positive mammogram result were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer in the future. Read more...

Adding Ultrasound and MRI to Annual Mammograms Helps Find More Cancers in Women with Dense Breasts
April 3, 2012
Screening plans that add ultrasound and MRI to annual mammograms improves breast cancer detection in women with dense breasts. Read more...

New Research Underscores Link Between Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk
April 2, 2012
A large study offers more support for the link between hormone replacement therapy and higher breast cancer risk. Read more...

Regular Screening Mammograms Save Lives, but Cause Overdiagnoses
April 2, 2012
A Norwegian study found that while regular screening mammograms save lives, they also cause overdiagnoses of breast cancer. Read more...

Some Older Women Treated with Hormonal Therapy After Surgery May Be Able to Skip Radiation
April 1, 2012
A small study suggests that women older than 60 who have surgery to remove a relatively lower-risk type of invasive breast cancer -- luminal A breast cancer -- and who get hormonal therapy after surgery may be able to skip radiation therapy after surgery. Read more...

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