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December 2012 Research News

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Dose-Dense Ellence Regimen Better for High-Risk Breast Cancer Than Early-Stage Breast Cancer
December 20, 2012

Two studies looking at a dose-dense regimen of Ellence compared to a standard schedule found that the dose-dense regimen is better for high-risk breast cancer. Read more…

Femara Better Than Tamoxifen for Certain Types of Breast Cancer
December 17, 2012

Femara was better than tamoxifen in treating postmenopausal women diagnosed with estrogen-receptor-positive, HER2-negative, lobular breast cancer; it was also better at treating luminal B breast cancers. Read more…

Study Finds Physical Evidence That Chemo Brain is Real
December 17, 2012

A study found that chemo brain is associated with changes in the way parts of the brain use glucose. Read more…

Experimental Medicine Seems to Help Treat Estrogen-Receptor-Positive, HER2-Negative, Advanced-Stage Breast Cancer
December 17, 2012

An early study suggests that an experimental medicine given in combination with Femara offers more benefits in treating advanced-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer than Femara alone. Read more…

Higher Faslodex Dose Better for Recurrent or Metastatic Breast Cancer
December 17, 2012

A study has found that women diagnosed with recurrent or metastatic, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer lived longer when they got 500 mg of Faslodex compared to women who got 250 mg of Faslodex. Read more…

New Studies Show Avastin Provides Little Benefit for Breast Cancer
December 17, 2012

More research shows that Avastin offers few benefits in treating breast cancer. Read more…

Chemotherapy Slightly Ups Risk of Leukemia
December 16, 2012

Chemotherapy slightly increases the risk of leukemia later in life. Read more...

African American Women Less Likely to Have Sentinel Node Surgery
December 16, 2012

Research suggests that African American women are about 33% less likely than white women to have sentinel lymph node dissection; this difference was linked to a much higher risk of lymphedema risk in African American women. Read more...

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Seems to Have Abnormal Genes That May Be Treatment Targets
December 16, 2012

A small study has found that many triple-negative breast cancers have abnormal genes that could be targeted by medicines already on the market or being developed. Read more...

Chemo Brain Seems to Start Before Chemotherapy Treatment, May Be Linked to Stress and Fatigue
December 16, 2012

Chemo brain may be more closely linked to stress and fatigue than to chemotherapy according to a small study. Read more...

Ten Years of Tamoxifen Better Than Five for Early-Stage, Estrogen-Receptor-Positive Disease
December 7, 2012

For women diagnosed with early-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer, 10 years of tamoxifen offers more benefits than 5 years. Read more...

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