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Breast Physical Exam

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A breast physical exam is a careful manual examination of the breasts by a doctor or other health professional. This exam can help find lumps that women may miss with their own self-exams.

While it's true that most lumps are found by women themselves, the abnormality in a breast can be so difficult to feel that only someone with experience would recognize it. Lumps, thickening, asymmetry (a difference in appearance between the two breasts) — changes in your breasts that you may not notice or think are “normal” — may be detected by a health professional who examines many breasts regularly. recommends that women have a breast physical exam by a health professional every year.

During and after treatment

If you are being treated for breast cancer, your doctor will likely recommend that you come in for a breast physical exam every 3 to 4 months. Regularly scheduled physical exams will continue after you finish treatment, gradually decreasing in frequency to once a year. Work with your doctor to figure out what is best for your situation.

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