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Krista Curley and Family: Life and Love With MBC

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After her diagnosis, Krista Curley started blogging about her experience at Metastatic Breast Cancer: Now What? She lives with her husband Patrick, their son Ethan, 16, and their daughter Naomi, 10, in Ontario, Canada.

In this blog section, you can meet Krista and her family as they share their insights on how the diagnosis has changed their outlooks, and how they power through the challenges.

Curley family

My Name Is Krista
“This disease brings with it all sorts of trials: trials of our spirits, strength, and sanity!! My blog is honest and written from the heart.”


A Letter to Anyone Newly Diagnosed With MBC
“Let go of your past life and start living your new one. Give yourself reasons to live. This will bring you strength. …One of my favorite memories of finding my strength was thinking, ‘OMG, who will clean the toilet when I die?!’”

Krista Curley and daughter

Video: 10-year-old Naomi on Her Mom’s MBC Diagnosis
“My mom keeps fighting every day. She is my hero.”

Krista and husband

The Other Side of the Breast: A Husband’s Perspective
“Arguments about money and stupid sh*t are rare now. We have a united front like never before. It may be a bad thing, but we are very ‘live in the now.’”

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Now What?

Krista curley headshot

Listen to this podcast to hear Krista talk about what writing the blog gives her, how she and her family find joy and humor in day-to-day life, how she talked to her kids about metastatic disease, and the one thing she would tell people about metastatic breast cancer.

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