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My Name Is Krista

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My name is Krista. I am currently 42 and am a wife and a mother of two living in Ontario, Canada.

For my 39th birthday I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). The cancer was found to be ER-positive with metastasis to the lymph system and five places in my bones.

Since 2014, the beast has progressed and after many hormone treatments, three different chemos, and a mastectomy, being true to form, it has spread to my liver and 21 places in my bones. There just seems to be no stopping it. For the past 3.5 years I have been living with this crazy disease. I was diagnosed “de novo,” which means I did not have a previous diagnosis of cancer. When I was told this news, I did not even know what it meant. Metastatic? No cure? No surgery? No chemo? I thought cancer was just cancer and they were all treated the same way. My family and I felt like our world had twisted. Over the first few months we learned a lot -- a lot about cancer and a lot about the metastatic kind.

My sister suggested I start a blog to help express myself and maybe help someone in need. So I started this blog, Metastatic Breast Cancer: Now What? and have shared my story. This disease brings with it all sorts of trials: trials of our spirits, strength, and sanity!! My blog is honest and written from the heart. I swear and talk about anything. I am funny at times and sad in other times, but this is the reality of MBC. It constantly keeps you on a roller coaster of a ride. I am just a woman fighting for life every day and would love to share my experiences with you.

Krista Curley lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Patrick, their son Ethan, 16, and their daughter Naomi, 10. Krista blogs about her experience at Metastatic Breast Cancer: Now What? You can also listen to our podcast featuring Krista’s conversation with senior editor Jamie DePolo.

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