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Anxiety and Sexuality

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Many women living with a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer feel anxious and fearful about the future. Thinking about the future may be scary or uncomfortable, because you are not sure of what will happen. These feelings are completely normal.

Feeling a sense of powerlessness and a lack of control is also normal. We all usually feel better when we have some sense of control.

While it’s normal to feel these things, dwelling on them or “getting stuck” can get in the way of living in the present and interfere with your desire for sex. If so, try these ideas:

  • Acknowledge how you’re feeling. Name the feeling. Sit with it for awhile. Let it go when you are ready.
  • Understand that where you are now is not necessarily where you will be in the future. Feelings are temporary. Although you may feel anxious at this moment, in a day or a week, you may have a completely different perspective.
  • Avoid catastrophic thinking. You may not feel sexual at a certain moment, but that does not mean you aren’t sexual or that you will never feel sexual again.
  • Try yoga. With its focus on breathing and staying “in the present,” yoga has been shown to help reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

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