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Sexuality and Bone Pain

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Bone pain as a result of metastases can sometimes contribute to discomfort with certain sexual positions. Sometimes, experimenting with new approaches can help. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell your partner if you’re in pain. If sex causes any sort of pain, tell your partner about it. Don’t suffer in silence.
  • Try things other than intercourse. Sex can involve more than just intercourse and penetration. Sometimes, a heartfelt cuddle session can be satisfying. If you’re both up for a change, try oral sex, massage, or mutual masturbation. Besides alleviating discomfort caused by pressure or friction, expressing yourself sexually in various ways can also be fun.
  • Change positions. If the missionary position causes bone pain in your spine, for example, see if getting on top is more comfortable.
  • Use a pillow or wedge. Placing a pillow underneath a tender area may help alleviate pressure or friction. The Liberator Wedge is one example of a product that can reduce this type of pain with sexual positions.

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