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Changes to Erogenous Zones

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An erogenous zone is a body part or area of the body that is highly sensitive. When an erogenous zone is stimulated, it can lead to a sexual response. Common erogenous zones, in both women and men, are the genitals, lips, neck, nipples, and buttocks.

Treatment for metastatic breast cancer may affect some of your erogenous zones. Body parts that were once very sensitive, such as the breasts, may become numb because of surgery, for example. Maybe surgeons had to remove one or both of your nipples because cancer was found in close proximity to them. And simply aging can change the sensitivity of different erogenous zones. But the good news is that the skin on most of your body can trigger sexual arousal when a partner touches it. Erogenous zones can be different from person to person. Some people, for example, might find the back of the neck a sensual erogenous zone, while others might consider it tickle territory.

It can help to slow down and pay attention to your erogenous zones. Learn which ones work best for you or if there are new ones you weren’t previously aware of. Do you prefer, for example, a kiss on the neck or to have your buttocks or thighs gently massaged? How do different kinds of touch on different parts of your body make you feel physically? Emotionally? Erogenous zones are highly individual, so there’s no right answer.

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