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End-of-Life Financial and Legal Considerations

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The following pages focus on preparing for death. You may not be ready to read this section yet. That's okay. You can come back if or when you're ready. Or you can have a loved one read it for you and talk to you when you're ready.

Thinking about your own death can be sad and frightening. Everyone handles the issues associated with the end of life differently, and you may not want to think about them or make any decisions. This is a perfectly normal reaction and one that many people have. Still, there are practical aspects, such as legal and financial issues, that need to be considered so that your wishes are honored. It can help to tackle the practical issues associated with death before you become seriously ill and have difficulty doing things for yourself.

Knowing that your personal affairs are in order allows you to focus on keeping your health and emotional well-being the best that it can be.

Information on your finances, healthcare directives, email accounts, automatic bill paying, and other practical, daily matters might be in several different places. Putting all the information in one place can make it easier for others to help you if you need it. It can also help you make sure that everything is done exactly as you would like.

Here are some general ideas on the types of financial and legal information you may want to consider:

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