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As anyone affected by breast cancer can tell you, the diagnosis changes you. Treatment can change how you look and feel. The experience can change your relationships and your outlook on life. And, of course, you may find there’s been a significant change in your priorities.

It’s not uncommon to feel like self-care — the things we do for ourselves to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health — needs to be put on hold so you can focus on your treatment. But as you know, life doesn’t stop for cancer, and in trying to balance treatment with family, work, and day-to-day obligations, what often takes a back seat is our own self-care. Who has time to put on makeup, shop for new clothes, or get to the salon when your life is completely disrupted by breast cancer?

If you feel like there’s just no time for the little things anymore, you’re not alone. Many people who share your experience understand all too well how self-care is redefined after you’re diagnosed with breast cancer. But at, we believe it’s important to prioritize self-care practices that make you feel good about yourself throughout and beyond your breast cancer experience. Your health and treatment should, of course, be your number one priority — but finding time for the little things can make all the difference in your mood, self-esteem, and quality of life. Everyone deserves a boost of confidence once in a while.

The “Boost of Confidence” blog series features the stories and insights of real people affected by breast cancer, who share their advice on how you can make time for the little things that can mean so much. By tackling topics like skin care, hair, clothing, and other self-care topics, our expert contributors aim to help you feel good from the outside in when life might seem inside out.

Breast Cancer Changed My Body, so I Redefined My Style

Breast cancer survivor and fashion blogger Anna Crollman shares her advice on rethinking your style after breast cancer treatment changes your body.

How to Have Fun in the Sun Despite Breast Cancer

Breast cancer advocate, fashion designer, and AnaOno founder Dana Donofree shares her advice for enjoying your summer despite the challenges you may face from breast cancer treatment.

How the Right Mastectomy Bra Gave Me the Confidence to Get Back to the Gym

Breast cancer advocate and Athleta brand ambassador Kimberly Irvine shares her story about helping to design a mastectomy sports bra, and what the experience taught her about the role of self-esteem in living a healthy and active life.

What to Wear When You Lose Your Hair

Gina de Givenchy, breast cancer survivor and headwear designer, shares her advice on selecting hats and scarves if you have treatment-related hair loss.

How a Home Wellness Mini-Makeover Can Help You Get Through Treatment and Recovery

Ariana Ost, home décor designer, shares her tips for creating a calm, soothing environment in your home to help promote healing and wellbeing during cancer treatment.

Center for Restorative Breast Surgery

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