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Hot Flash Medications for Women With Breast Cancer

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So what if you try diet, exercise, and other strategies for controlling your hot flashes, but nothing seems to help? You may want to work with your doctor to try medications.

Probably the best-known medications for treating hot flashes are those that increase hormone levels: hormone replacement therapy (HRT), progestin-containing medications, and, as of 2014, a medication called Duavee (chemical name: conjugated estrogen/bazedoxifene), which can ease hot flashes and reduce the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. However, because of the hormones, they generally are not recommended for women with a history of, or high risk for, breast cancer. (For more information, visit the section Hormone Replacement Therapy.)

There are other classes of medications used to treat other conditions, such as high blood pressure and depression, that help some women safely treat hot flashes.

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