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If you’re looking for a new job, you might be wondering where your health status fits into the process. Remember, when you’re interviewing for a new job, you don’t have to tell prospective employers about your health status. In most cases, it is illegal for a potential employer to ask you about your health history UNLESS you have a limitation that is obvious and visible and causes concern that you may not be able to perform the job.

If questions do come up while interviewing, you can be discrete, yet honest. For example, if you are asked about a gap in your resume, you might respond that you had a health issue that was treated and resolved and that you’re ready to work. Focus on your skills and abilities. If you are still in treatment and have any accommodations that need to be met, such as a flexible schedule, you do need to let your potential employer know. Reassure your potential employer that your work ethic will not be compromised.

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