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What Happens Before Prophylactic Ovary Removal

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As you plan for prophylactic ovary removal, your doctor will perform tests to make sure the ovaries are healthy before surgery. These may include:

  • a CA125 blood test to check for a protein that is sometimes elevated when ovarian cancer is present
  • transvaginal ultrasound, a test used to create images of the ovaries
  • CT scan or another type of imaging test

For more information about preoperative testing, meeting with an anesthesiologist, and other surgery preparations, please see What to Expect with Any Surgery.

In the hospital on the day of surgery, you’ll change into a hospital gown and wait in a preoperative holding area. Then, you’ll be taken into the anesthesia room, where a nurse will insert an intravenous infusion (IV) line into your hand or arm and tape it into place. Soon after this, you’ll be given relaxing medication through the IV line.

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