What to Expect When Taking Perjeta

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Perjeta is prescribed with Herceptin, another targeted therapy medicine, and chemotherapy. All these medicines are given intravenously, which means they’re dripped into your body through a needle inserted into a vein.

The first dose of Perjeta is the largest and takes about an hour to complete. After that, it takes 30 to 60 minutes to get Perjeta, which is usually given every 3 weeks in a doctor’s office. Most people get Perjeta every 3 weeks for 18 to 25 months.

If your doctor prescribes Perjeta and you have any problems getting it covered by insurance or don’t have insurance, you can get in touch with Perjeta Access Solutions, sponsored by Genentech (the maker of Perjeta). Perjeta Access Solutions can help investigate your insurance coverage benefits, appeal denied claims, and provide other assistance. You also can call Perjeta Access Solutions at 1-888-249-4918.

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