Gaby’s Story: Surgical Decisions Before and After Recurrence

Gaby’s Story: Surgical Decisions Before and After Recurrence

When Gaby was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time, she came to terms with a surgical decision that was difficult for her at first. She shares her story of managing treatment choices as a mother, wife, and farm owner.
Sep 7, 2022

When Gaby, a farm owner in Mississippi who is originally from Switzerland, was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she was adamant about having a lumpectomy rather than mastectomy. After two lumpectomies without clear margins, she started chemotherapy. She was relieved that the third lumpectomy had clear margins.

After Gaby was diagnosed with a new, second breast cancer five years later, she consulted with her doctors, family, and friends to cope with the news and decide how to move forward with surgery and reconstruction. Hear from Gaby in her own words about her experience and the choices she made.

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