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September 15, 2014, The Wall Street Journal, Five Steps to Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer

August 21, 2014, Women's Health, How Worried Should You REALLY Be About All Those Birth Control Risks? (PDF)

May 28, 2014, Newsworks, How One Breast Oncologist Faced Her Own Diagnosis

February 21, 2014, The Huffington Post, Garbage In, Garbage Out: A Flawed Study Cannot Measure the Value of Mammograms

February 18, 2014, Women's Health, About That Study That Says Mammograms Don't Save Lives... What You Need to Know

February 18, 2014, National Geographic, First Person: Why a "Vast" Mammogram Study May Do Harm

January 29, 2014, Oncology Nursing News, Dr. Weiss on Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness

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