June 24, 2008: Breastcancer.org Launches New Website, New Brand, New Logo for World’s Most-Visited Online Breast Cancer Resource and Leading Online Community

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June 24, 2008

Press Contact:

Pamela Green


(610) 642-6550


New York and Philadelphia – June 24, 2008 – Breastcancer.org, the world’s most-trafficked website for breast cancer news and information and one of the world’s leading online communities for breast cancer patients, announced today a major re-launch of its website and brand.

Breastcancer.org serves more than 8 million visitors each year and features an active user community of tens of thousands. The #1 source of medical information and support in the field, non-profit Breastcancer.org is dedicated to providing expert information on breast health, breast cancer, and breast cancer prevention.

“After treating thousands of breast cancer patients, my mission in founding Breastcancer.org was to provide trusted, reliable, expert medical information, news, and support to breast cancer patients, their family, and friends – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- especially at 3 a.m., when a diagnosis can feel most terrifying and patients need us the most,” says Marisa Weiss, M.D., the Founder and President of Breastcancer.org and a leading breast cancer oncologist in active practice in the Philadelphia area.

The website redesign was based on input from thousands of breastcancer.org users and other breast cancer patients and their families. The striking new design and improved functionality makes the user experience even more friendly, intuitive, and helpful for the existing community and new visitors to the site.

The organization’s new logo – intertwined pink ribbons forming a circle – was designed by brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale. It is a creative re-imagining of the traditional pink ribbon representing breast cancer awareness and symbolizes the partnership of Breastcancer.org with its members.

Breastcancer.org’s 75-member professional medical advisory board vets all 4,000 pages of original content and hosts monthly online “Ask the Expert” conferences. Thousands of community members contribute to online discussion boards and chat rooms to make Breastcancer.org an important destination for all those concerned about breast health and breast cancer. Major emphasis is given on the website to:

  • Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • Treatments and Side Effects
  • Research News
  • Day to Day Matters
  • Support and Community
  • Pictures of Breast Cancer
  • Lowering Your Risk

“Breastcancer.org saved my life,” says breast cancer survivor Lori Scott. “When I was diagnosed, I was terrified. Some other resources I used confused me or made me even more fearful. I was so relieved when I found Breastcancer.org – the information always answered my questions. Whether it was processing my new diagnosis or answering questions about what to expect in treatment, I found tremendous comfort. The way Breastcancer.org breaks down complex medical issues and handles sensitive topics made me comfortable reviewing the site with my 10-year-old daughter.”

Says Dr. Weiss, “Patients find Breastcancer.org not only through word of mouth, but doctors and nurses refer large numbers of patients to the site for additional support and information. Medical offices also give our booklets and brochures – in both English and Spanish – to their patients to take home.”

Hundreds of millions of women around the world are expected to get breast cancer during their lifetime. Although there has been a decrease in the incidence of breast cancer over the past 5 years, it is still the leading cancer among Caucasian and African-American women. Today 1 in 8 women is expected to get breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, compared to 1 in 20 women in 1960.

“With so many people affected by this disease – and as more information and misinformation are circulated on the web – it is critical for us to always be accessible and state-of-the-art so that women can find the expert information they need on the internet, at any time of day or night,” says Dr. Weiss.

“These profound improvements in our Breastcancer.org website will help us provide women and their families with the best medical answers for diagnosis and treatment, and the best strategies for prevention. Our renewed bold determination will make it easier for us to help eradicate this dreadful disease from the face of the earth.”

To speak with Dr. Weiss, or for more information about Breastcancer.org or its new logo and website, please contact Pamela Green at Breastcancer.org at (610) 642-6550 or pgreen@breastcancer.org.

About Breastcancer.org

Breastcancer.org is the #1 source of medical information and support, dedicated to providing more than 4,000 pages of medically vetted information on breast health and breast cancer. Over the past 9 years, www.breastcancer.org, has served more than 8 million visitors each year.


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