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The Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide mobile app walks you through your breast cancer pathology report and other tests and information that you and your doctor will use to help decide which treatments are right for you.

Add your diagnosis information for easy reference, and receive relevant articles from Research News. The app includes illustrations and definitions.

The Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide mobile app was named an Official Honoree by the 2011 Webby Awards.

Included in the Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide

The Report Guide to help you understand your pathology report and other test results. Together with your doctor, we encourage you to fill in the questions you find in the Report Guide. You can then take your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with you when you visit other doctors so they have the most accurate information.

The Word List, which contains definitions of common pathology report terms.

The Articles for Me area. After you've answered enough questions in the Report Guide, Breastcancer.org will send relevant news and research articles to your phone. Articles for Me are provided by Breastcancer.org's Research News program. News articles are provided by MedPage Today, along with commentary from Breastcancer.org experts.

The privacy of your information is extremely important to us and we will never give, sell, or otherwise disclose your personal or health information to anyone.

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