Ask-The-Expert Conferences: Day-to-Day Matters

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In this section you can read the answers given by breast cancer experts to these, and many other important questions related to day-to-day matters for women affected by breast cancer:

  • Will I get past these silly hot flashes and panic attacks? They are ruling my life. Answer.
  • I've gained 10 pounds during chemo and radiation that I can't seem to shed. I'll finish chemo in early Christmas. Advice? Answer.
  • Do you think that the lifestyle changes, with modern living, has added to people being less active and not eating enough nutritional food? Answer.
  • What happens if I lose lymph nodes to surgery or my white count drops dramatically because of chemotherapy? Is my immune system weakened, and will I become vulnerable again to cancer and infection? Answer.
  • I have had a radical mastectomy. My husband says he still loves me but I don't feel whole and find myself turning away from him. What can I do? Answer.
  • I'm so ANGRY about this disease, and what it's done to me and my family. I find that anger is spilling over into other areas of my life. I don't want to turn into a mean person, but I'm sure heading that way. Any suggestions? Answer.

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