Mastectomy bathing suits for younger women?

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Question from JLRoss: Where can you find mastectomy bathing suits for young women? They are all matronly looking. It would be a good business for a talented seamstress! Thanks.
Answers - Maria Theodoulou, M.D. There are a number of Web sites today offering some creative designs for younger women and also middle aged women who want a modern sophisticated line of bathing suits. They are out there, so surf the Web for these bathing suits. It can be very exciting when you can look your best and don't have to settle for looking matronly. Bathing suits today, especially with prosthetic inserts made especially for swimming can really free up the anxiety during summer weather when you want to be out there with everyone else and feeling as comfortable as you can.
Marisa Weiss, M.D. You can take any commercial bathing suit that you like and feel good in and bring it to a specialty shop to have pockets sewn in that will hold the prosthesis. If you buy a regular bathing suit at Nordstrom's, they have a service that will sew in those pockets free of charge. Land's End catalogue does have a few classic style suits that are stylish and not matronly. Be creative!
Maria Theodoulou, M.D. Swimsuits to look for that will also enhance and flatter the body, especially in someone who has had a mastectomy, are ones with arms that are cut higher. It can be extremely comfortable and flattering when the swimsuit is designed that way. If the armhole is cut higher, you can give the illusion that the body form is a natural one.
Marisa Weiss, M.D. You can often get an illusion top, like a sheer netting that you can wear over the bathing suit that can help hide the end of a scar or other things you might be concerned about.
Tamara Shulman, Ph.D., FAACP Finding a flattering bathing suit is a challenge for just about any woman! It's worth it to take the extra time to find clothes and bathing suits that you feel really comfortable in to increase your sense of self esteem so you appear to be the beautiful woman you are.

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