Understanding Your Immune System

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Women dealing with breast cancer inevitably wonder: Did I get breast cancer because my immune system was weakened by stress, or by the wrong food? Can my immune system fight breast cancer? Will surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy reduce my body's ability to fight breast cancer and infections? How can I fortify my immune system to become as healthy as possible?

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The medical experts for Understanding Your Immune System are:

  • Jennifer J. Griggs, M.D., MPH, medical oncologist/hematologist, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
  • Marisa Weiss, M.D., breast radiation oncologist, Thomas Jefferson University Health System, Philadelphia, PA

These experts are members of the Breastcancer.org Professional Advisory Board, including more than 70 medical experts in breast cancer-related fields.

Personal Quote

"My immune system was hit hard by chemotherapy. They did a blood count and the intern came back in a panic. 'Your white count—there's nothing lower on the scale!' But then my oncologist came in and told me not to worry. 'You're going to be fine,' he said. I figured, if it's doing this to me, think of what it's doing to the cancer."

— Joan

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