Ask-the-Expert Conferences: Diet and Nutrition

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All of us have to eat in order to live. But food means much more than just survival. In addition to providing our bodies with fuel, we often use eating to comfort ourselves and as a way to socialize with others. And we all know that what we eat can have an effect on our health and well-being.

For people facing cancer, food choices can become even more important. What you eat during and after treatment can affect how well you feel and how quickly you're able to go back to your regular activities.

In this section you can read the answers given by experts on cancer and nutrition to these, and many other important questions related to diet and breast cancer:

  • Are dairy products safe? Answer.
  • I have hormone receptor positive breast cancer and am using tamoxifen. Can I use soy products in my diet? Answer.
  • Are organic foods a better choice than non organic foods? Answer.
  • I have heard the moderate amounts of red wine can actually aid in the prevention of some cancers. Is breast cancer included in this? Does red wine really help? Or is this another myth? Answer.
  • Is bottled water better than tap water to drink? Answer.

The conference transcripts in this section are part of the Ask-the-Expert Online Conference program.

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