Partner pulling away, cold and mean?

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Question from Cathy: After 26 years with my boyfriend and second go-round with breast cancer (now metastatic), he is treating me rotten. Takes me for my treatment but at home is cold and mean to me. Have no family support and must rely on him even to bury me. What to do?
Answers - Lidia Schapira I'm sorry to hear that you are so alone in this situation, and that the one person you depend on both for practical matters such as transportation, and for emotional support, is pulling away from you now. If you think he is treating you rotten, perhaps you could confide in somebody, and just talk about all of the things that are going on at home. I worry that you may not be getting the support you need, and also worry that in some way he is making you suffer. I don't know from your question just how bad things are, but I do hear that you need more help than you are getting. Perhaps start talking with your nurse or social worker when you go for treatment next time, and let them know that you need more support and let them help you find other means of transportation, as well as support during this difficult time.

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