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"No breast cancer on either side of family. Paternal grand mother died of ovarian cancer in late 50's or early 60's, but I thought she died in her 40's. My mistake prompted my OB to recommend a mammogram when I had nipple discharge 1 year postpartum from the noncancerous breast (unrelated to the cancer). I had no lump. Suspicious calcifications prompted a stereotactic biopsy and a DCIS diagnosis, grade 3 with comedonecrosis. And I knew in my heart there was more.

"After the DCIS diagnosis, genetic testing was recommended and I was floored to discover I am BRCA2 positive. Also that I had Stage IIA BC at age 35. My brother does not carry the mutation. My dad is cancer free at 66.

"I am scheduled for a complete hysterectomy on 4/12 and was given a 4% chance of occult cancer or mets in that area as a result of the mutation. Also having a full skin cancer check for melanoma in June. I would have the surgeries 100 times over again to have avoided cancer and chemo/rads. But it's a very personal decision."

-- cajunqueen15, tested positive for BRCA2 genetic mutation

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