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Metastatic Breast Cancer

Barry Jones male breast cancer
"Men can and do get breast cancer, and in the absence of routine screenings, they need to pay attention to their bodies."
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"My advice for women new to a stage IV diagnosis is to learn to live in the moment."
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"My path to Stage IV had a few curveballs and some twists and turns..."
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"By the time I had the surgery, more lumps had appeared, including a fast-growing one on my neck."
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"Once I'm up and moving, I have hours and hours where I feel okay, some moments where I feel terrific."
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"I am living my life with stage IV cancer; I laugh, work, raise my children, travel, have good days and challenging days."
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"I ignored it...even convinced myself it was not getting larger, but it was."
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"I try and live every day like I would have before breast cancer invaded not just my body but my life."
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"MBC is always there — it doesn't overwhelm me or prevent me from enjoying life, but it has put its shadowy filter over everything."
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"Had I not taken responsibility for my own care, I might not be here."
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"I also have multiple sclerosis (MS), so having only one breast seems like a minor thing to me."
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"I plan on watching my three (so far) grandchildren grow up and celebrating my 50th anniversary in 6 years."
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"Cancer may take my life someday but not my sense of humor."
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"Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions. There are none. And don't be afraid to advocate for yourself."
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"I have learned that people with stage IV still enjoy living AND [are] not afraid to live."
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