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Genetic Testing

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"I’m going to do everything in my power just to be here for them and to create the memories I didn’t get to create with my mother."
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"Before I could even take a breath and enjoy that moment, they said, 'However, you are still at increased risk because of family history.'"
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"My reason [for genetic counseling] is two fold: I believe more information is better than less, especially for our children. And without research, we can't have the data; the more data the better quality the information."
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"No doctor, nurse, or mammogram technician had ever suggested or even mentioned genetic testing to me."
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"It looked like everything was okay: negative BRCA1 and 2. But 2 weeks later the other big panel revealed positive PALB2 and CHEK2 mutations."
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"I would gladly give up my breasts and my ovaries for a chance at living a cancer-free life."
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