comscoreNeverForsaken's Story: I Found a Lump After Being Told I Had No Evidence of Disease

NeverForsaken's Story: I Found a Lump After Being Told I Had No Evidence of Disease

Two lumps found years apart both turn out to be cancerous.

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My name is Lisa. I found the lump in my right breast in 2013. I asked for a mammogram. It did not show up on the mammogram, though the technician saw it on the screen when I pointed it out to her. She said probably a fibroadenoma...not to worry. In the meantime, I had gone to a new primary doc because I had been feeling very weak and tired. He did blood work and told me I had a huge vitamin D3 deficiency (less than half the norm). So I went on supplements. Five months later, lump in breast is still there, though because the mammo was normal and I was told probably a fibroadenoma, I ignored it...even convinced myself it was not getting larger, but it was.

So, I went back to primary to get a physical and asked him to check it.

The color drained from his face and he started to talk very nervously. I was sent for an ultrasound.

Now almost four years later, I was massaging the perimeter of my right scapula because it felt like there was a gas bubble or something in my shoulder. I was pushing hard trying to find relief when I found the lump at the bottom point of the scapula.

I waited two weeks until making the appointment with my surgeon. He immediately removed the tumor. He could not believe I was able to find it as it was deep and small and not at all in the usual spot for a recurrence!

So, here I am. I'm meeting with my MO tomorrow.

I was just given a clean bill of health NED in June and then again this September...less than 3 weeks before I found out I am Stage IV!

I feel like we are on some weird roller coaster ride!

Blessings & Love.