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Castigame's Story

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"[My] breast surgeon and medical oncologist suggested [genetic testing] at diagnosis. I was and still am in survival mode hence all subsequent procedures and surgeries. [I tested] negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 -- surprise, surprise. [I tested] positive for PTEN variation, [which increases risk of] thyroid cancer, colon cancer, breast, ovarian, [and] kidney, to name a few.

"[...] I told my sisters and they will be tested for $300 per person. We have no children so at least [the] buck stops with me. I have a niece whom I am afraid [is] a lot like me. Problem is she is estranged from her family. She is [the] only daughter to my big sis.

"I still think my maker was and still is looking after me because thyroid was gone a few years ago and I have at least $2.7 mil of life insurance all obtained way before breast cancer diagnosis. Go figure I got my first life insurance as early as early 30's and as recent as 5 years ago."

-- Castigame, tested positive for PTEN genetic mutation

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