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CNaivar's Story

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"I am a 45-year-old male. I had my BRCA2 test in December and am positive unfortunately. A couple years ago, one of my cousins was diagnosed with male breast cancer and had the test done and was positive. With the family history of over half my mother's siblings having already died from cancer, as well as her mother dying at 50 herself from it, most of the remaining family members chose to be tested and many are positive, including my mother. Therefore, I chose to be tested. As a double whammy, my father is a 12-year survivor of prostate cancer, so the cannon is loaded and aimed at me.

"The family has been very open and supportive to spread the awareness and to prevent or help the other members. In fact, I feel we are communicating more than we ever have since my grandfather passed many years ago. As a result of my test, I have been doing more screenings and it is an odd thing to hear out of my mouth to talk with a doctor about myself having a breast exam. I do have a couple large masses on my thyroid that I have been monitoring with an ultrasound every six months and have been debating on just having the half removed now that I know my results. With our particular version of the mutation, my mother had an 87% chance of breast cancer by the age 80, so she had a preventive double mastectomy 4 weeks ago as well as her ovaries. I myself may just do the same with my thyroid, just to be safe.

"And finally, knowing that my 14-year-old son has a 50% chance of being positive, I have been completely open with him about the testing and screenings knowing that once he is an adult, he should also be tested. Otherwise, for now, am just going to eat healthy, get back in shape other than round :-), screen myself, and live every day as a blessing."

-- CNaivar, tested positive for BRCA2 genetic mutation

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