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"From the minute I found out I had breast cancer, BRCA testing was on the table. Being of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage moved me to the front of the line. Additionally, my paternal grandmother had died of breast cancer, and I had recently lost my younger sister to uterine cancer.

"My HMO arranged for me to see a genetics counselor, asked that I take an online course and test on the BRCA mutations as well as doing a very thorough family health history. The health history involved a call to my parents and turned out to be a rather long, and somewhat comical conversation. They spent a long time arguing over what each and every relative died from and when they had died. ('No, she didn't die in 1963. She died the year our car caught on fire on the way back from the Catskills.')

"In the end, I was negative. This mattered little to me, but I have two adult daughters and the implications for their future health concerned me. I hope that research continues to look at genetic mutations as I feel there may be more than we currently know."

-- exbrnxgrl, tested negative for genetic mutations

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