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"I did the tests because I needed to know for my future planning and my relatives' (sister and nieces). I couldn't have lived with the wondering and possibilities of not giving them the chance to proactively make their own decisions and management ahead.

"I was diagnosed at 48 with multifocal cancer; triple-negative cancer and other non-triple-negative tumour in the the same breast (right) as well as DCIS (no clear margins) in the left, so double mastectomy was a clear decision for me both for dealing with the cancer and reoccurrence risks. I did this before the testing.

"My insurance covered everything on genetic testing as I met the criteria for it so no problems there.

"Thankfully, I came back all clear so I haven't had to have difficult discussions with my family which I was really worried about for them. It doesn't change any decisions I have already made.

"If I had been positive, I would of taken all the steps possible to avoid future reoccurrence or new cancers so I would have had the ovarian surgery if needed. I had discussed and agreed this with my husband and surgeon before.

"For others I would recommend testing because at least if you know, you have a choice and can make decisions for your own future...and obviously family members can do so [also]. I don't underestimate how difficult it is for people as I know it's wide-reaching for individuals and relatives, so I know it's not entered into lightly but not knowing would have been worse for me."

-- felloco1, tested negative for genetic mutations

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