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"I am diagnosed with stage I IDC at 41. I had my first mammogram ever after having pain in right chest and shoulder, they found the cancer in the left breast. The pain turned out to be partially torn rotator cuff, but I am blessed that I had that pain, or they may have found my cancer too late.

"They did genetic testing and found unknown variant of PALB2. I have since found out that I have 5 females on my mom's side of the family that had breast cancer and they all survived it, but none of them were real young when they developed it. No one else in the family has been tested yet. Only one of the women are still alive and she is a distant cousin that lives across the country.

"My oncologist didn't change my treatment plan because not enough is known yet, only that I have increased likelihood of breast and liver cancer. Increased risk of ovarian cancer related to this gene isn't known yet, especially with the unknown variants of this gene."

-- Lovinggrouches, tested positive for an unknown vairant of PALB2

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