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mrsbeasley38's Story

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"I was tested for BRCA back in 2010. Since my diagnosis, three more of my female cousins in my generation and one in the next were diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of these cousins, I am the only one with a daughter. I went to a Mayo geneticist conference and was advised to get the smaller panel tested because the test I had may have been more generic and only tested the big panel of BRCA if it was prior to a certain year. I had it done and do have CHEK2. Keep in mind this gene increases prostate cancer risk as well as colon cancer, although not as much as breast cancer. I had a male cousin pass away from prostate cancer at age 37 and another female cousin die from a cancer only one in a million ever get.

"My insurance covered the test. I would have been screened as high risk without the test but I wanted to know for my daughter's sake at the time. My son's insurance since would not pay to have his panel tested and he was told it would cost $1,700.00. My daughter has not been tested yet. I believe if your family history shows high risk, even if you are not diagnosed, your insurance may or may not cover it. My other cousins have only had BRCA tested. My mom told her doc about this and they didn't do anything to test her. She has had breast cancer twice herself on two separate occurrences. She is 82, so if this is not going to affect her, I guess they didn't want to run it or they already know Medicare would not pay for it. Although at 82 they are no longer doing colonoscopies on her, which is concerning to me. She says our great grandmother died from colon cancer.

"Good to hear more stories. I would like to see more posts about the generation that was tested after you and if the insurance covered the test and what steps the next generation is taking to screen themselves."

-- mrsbeasley38, tested positive for a CHEK2 genetic mutation

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