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Nallen0902's Story

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"I decided to get testing done during July of this year. I had just finished chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries due to non-HPV stage III cervical cancer. My grandmother passed from breast cancer reccurence (80), my father passed from prostate cancer (59), my sister passed from Ewing sarcoma cancer (22), [my] paternal cousin, glioblastoma (42), [and] I currently have an aunt and a paternal cousin fighting breast cancer.

"I tested positive for [the] CHEK2 mutation. I also have a rare mutation of this mutation. This does not put me as high of a risk as BRCA just by having it, but other factors do and I will explain. Having regular CHEK2 [genetic mutation], I'm at an increased risk for breast, colon, lung, and ovarian cancers. There is a great increase risk of prostate [cancer] for men and stomach cancer as well with the mutation that I have. This would explain my father's death at a young age with a very aggressive prostate cancer. I had a post-radiation hysterectomy June 30 but they left my ovaries behind. I am at an even higher risk than just someone with the normal gene mutation due to one of the major risk factors to cause my mutation to react [to] radiation, and I was served a great big platter of that in the form of external beam radiation and internal (tandem and ovoid) radiation.

"I have made the choice to have a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery and will be doing so next week. My nerves are shot and the depression has set in, but at 29 years old...I have had to make some decisions to give me the best life possible.

"I will have colonoscopies and endoscopies every year from now on.

"Now to get my brother tested."

-- Nallen0902, tested positive for CHEK2 genetic mutation

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