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"I received my results yesterday."

What led you to doing the testing? "In my church circle, there are multiple MDs, including clinical oncology researchers, radiologists, etc.... They all suggested doing the testing, due to my age at diagnosis (just turned 42) and there's no history in both sides of the family as far as I know. Which I thought it's interesting, since [it] look[s] like most people did the testing because [of] the raised risks. But they recommended testing due to LACK of family history...hmm...."

What were your results, and what choices have you made based on the findings? "The test was done thru GeneDx. I believe 27 [were] tested. All but one are negative. CDK1 is VUS [variant of unknown significance]. The counselor told me to check with her if any new cancer case[s] develop in the family. She said one disadvantage at this point with me (Chinese, from Hong Kong originally), is that most research [is] based in [the] USA, on Caucasian patients. But lately there [is] more research coming from the far east. So hopefully there's more insight into it."

Was payment an issue? "No. Everything related to breast cancer [is] covered by insurance."

How have you discussed these decisions with your family? " of those doctors I mentioned suggested testing briefly with my parents 2 years ago, at diagnosis. I haven't told them I actually did the test. And since everything is negative, I probably would not tell them. BUT, if anything were to be positive, then I would -- I have a younger sister (3 years younger), 4 female cousins and 2 nieces."

-- superius, tested positive for a CDK1 variant of unknown significance (VUS)

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