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tddoucet's Story

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"I too am 35, and just received the call from my doctors office that my BRCA2 is positive. With that being said, my grandmother and my great grandmother, and great-great grandmother all had breast cancer. My mother has not been diagnosed with anything other than cysts, all which were not cancerous. When the BRCA testing first came out I figured I knew what I would do. Now I am remarried, I am not having any more kids. I had an ablation in 2013, and a hysterectomy in 2014, leaving both ovaries as I was not a candidate for hormone replacements because of my family history of cancer. So when I went in for my checkup in August 2015, and was told that the genetic screening was available and my insurance would cover it, I jumped right on it! I thought, this is finally my opportunity to know, then I got the call one week ago. I still think I know what I am doing; granted I have my husband and my mother and kids and family supporting me either way I go, and a husband that makes jokes about me 'cutting them off,' I know he is trying to lighten the mood. I know that my children, 20, 19, 16, 12, 11, 11, 10, 8, and 6 will understand it, eventually, and I don't really care about others, but I wonder about myself?

"Am I going into another surgery for the removal of my ovaries, just to recover and have my breasts removed, then stuffed? (Sorry for the wording, just a bad day.) Am I ready for that? Two years ago, I was also diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and now I am finally being treated for lupus, whether that is what I have or not. Is this going to help me not be tired after the initial shock my body has of 'what in the world have you done to me?!'"

-- tddoucet, tested positive for BRCA2 genetic mutation

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